About Us

We strive to provide good quality and affordable housing and other associated property across England. As a non-governmental organisation, we always reinvest any surplus back into our real estate venture. This ensures that the people in the communities we serve have somewhere to call home. We’re known for our excellent, customer-friendly services which are put in check by our clients. They often challenge our performance and offer suggestions on possible areas of improvement.

With our commitment to deliver services that meet your expectation, the following are some of the offers that we will render to you:


• We respond to emergency repairs within 24 hours. For repairs that are not urgent, we shall give you a morning or afternoon appointment

• In the unlikely event that we fail to fix your repair on the first visit, we shall set another date to have it done

• It’s our prerogative to ensure that your home is decently repaired to the standards you expect

• We shall ensure that your home is health and safety law compliant.


We shall advise you on what to do if you encounter anti-social behaviour (ASB) in the neighbourhood. Responses to serious ABS are attended to within one working day

Moving Home

We guarantee a smooth transition if you want to move home by helping you identify the desired options

Customer Service

• We’ve made it easy for you to contact us if you want to get information, advice or report a problem.

• If the query is not solved immediately, our staff member will take you the process and potential timelines to have it resolved

• If you’ve already reported a problem, we’ll be constantly updating you the steps we’re taking to resolve it and explain any changes made

• If there’s no one to attend to you, leave a message and we shall call you back with 24 hours on working days

• Our well-trained staff are competent and knowledgeable and will always treat you as a valued customer

Value for Money and Governance

• We shall share with our clients our annual assessment of performance vis-à-vis objectives

• External credit ranking firms to enable us to retain a strong financial base check our performance

• We adhere to the standing legislation and other regulations and uphold high levels of accountability to our partners

• We have a committed Group Board, which oversees effective leadership. It also controls the organization and allows the resident to scrutinize the services that we offer.

Scrutiny Panels

• With a well-constituted scrutiny panel, we deliver our services in time and within our budgetary limitations. A randomly selected group of residents examines and assesses our progress, ensuring that we are accountable for every service that we render to our residents.

• The panel meets on a quarterly basis, and we meet the training expenses of the residents who take part in the whole process. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to be part of this noble initiative.

Home Improvements

We take written requests from residents who want to make improvements to their home interiors and gardens. Contact our tenancy manager or housing officer. Once we get your request, we shall review it in line with our policies, and inform you of its approval or denial thereof. Work shall only be carried out after we’ve issued a consent.

Home Insurance

You should consider two types of insurance when buying a home. First is Building insurance. We provide insurance against damage to your building. It covers the structure and items like bathroom and kitchen.

The second type of insurance is the contents insurance that covers all items within your homes such as furniture, clothing, kitchen appliances, and floor coverings.