How to Plan for a Successful Home Remodel

Home remodeling requires careful planning to avoid skipping crucial stages. For a smooth renovation, it’s important to think about key as aspects such as fixtures and fittings and choosing new paint colours. Consider the following:

Know Your End Goal

Decide the kind of finishing you want before starting the renovation process. Two important considerations are whether you’re renovating to stay in for years to come, or simply want to raise the resale value. Understand the condition of your neighbourhood such that you identify renovations that have a good return on investment.

Prepare a Budget

Making a budget and sticking to it to the end is one of the most important aspects of planning a renovation. Include a contingency component for any unexpected costs, as well as incidental costs for things like meals or apartment accommodation while the renovation is taking place. A budget helps you do cheap upgrades that make your house expensive.

Do Your Research

Talk to your neighbours, family or friends about renovation work they have done and any challenges that they faced. Their experiences provide invaluable information that may possibly shape your end plan.

Ask for References

Don’t just rely on client testimonials and review on the internet. Look for the actual customers for a first-hand account and answer to questions that you may have on home renovation and other remodeling requirements. Ask to see the images of the project, before and after engaging a contractor. A reputable contractor will easily give you references and copies of liability of insurance before starting the renovation.

Pack Up

Always pack up, declutter or move any items from the renovation zone to have a smooth remodeling process. If you’re considering remodeling the whole home, rent an offsite locker to keep all your belongings safe and clean during the renovation process.

Consider Your Routine

If you hire a contractor to do the remodeling, make your daily route clear, and work with him/her to prepare a favourable and convenient schedule for both of you. The routine shouldn’t disrupt the daily activities of your family. You certainly wouldn’t want to encounter plumbers on your way to the bathroom!

Have a Mission Control

Identify all the tools, material, equipment, manuals and checklists that you need and place them strategically within reach in your home reserve area. This avoids frustrations of looking for a particular item in the middle of a job.

Protect the Kids

The house remodeling process can pause certain risks to the young ones. As such, it may be useful to install child safety gates, electrical safety covers and put all the sharp and pointed tools out of their reach.

Consider the Pets

Consider the safety and care of your four-legged family members. A friend could pet-sit while the work is going on, particularly when there’s movement of tools in and out of the house.