Before you decide which neighbourhood you want to move to with your family in the UK, it’s imperative that you conduct a thorough house-hunting. There are various tools to use in searching for your preferred destination. Blogs, websites, newspapers and online reviews and social media are all important platforms to gather crucial information about a given place. Consider the following factors when choosing where to settle:

Shops and Facilities

It’s important that the area you choose matches that of your lifestyle, together with your family. Check if the local restaurants serve dishes that suit your taste if you enjoy eating out on a regular basis. If you’re cautious about your fitness and works out from time to time, then look for a place with a well-equipped gym. Other critical amenities to look out for include banks and health facilities.

Transport Connections

If you don’t drive, it’s worthwhile to select an area where it’s easy for you and your family to commute with ease. Check how frequent public transport is crowded. This is particularly with trains and buses. Usually, fares tend to be more expensive if you’re commuting far away from the city, although the proper prices getter cheaper.


It’s advantageous to live near points of interests such as shopping centres and schools, as well as popular venues like theatres and sports stadiums. However, it’s worth visiting areas around those facilities to establish the level of traffic snarl-up during peak times. Are you likely to be stuck in traffic every time you leave your house?


If you already have school-going children or are planning to have them, then it’s imperative to check for the nearing schools. Visit the local authority’s website to check out their admission criteria. There are those that have restrictions changing from one year to the next. Therefore, check if the available schools are what you have in your mind.